Your. One. Brain.

Of course, we want our focus to remain sharp and our memory strong, but the brain suffers aging issues like any other part of the body. We have ways to keep it healthy though. There are proven steps ranging from methods that include our emotions, the environment, nutrition, physical activity and spiritual life that strengthen the brain and guards against brain dysfunction.

Here is how it works... Brain health impacts behavior. Chemicals and hormones influence the brain, and it is also sensitive to the environment. Neurotransmitters control the biochemistry of thoughts and emotions. The information interpreted in the cortex gauges judgments made, ideas thought causing the body to respond. Our spiritual life involves values that are important to us causing the brain to make decisions and link back to finding peace all the while dictating our actions. Exercise influences chemicals and can trigger our moods and memory while nutrition also plays a considerable role in manipulating serotonin levels. Emotionally, our brains are wired for safety and security. Our emotions are a result of incoming information that requires responses to find peace and survive. The nervous system is conditioned to respond a certain way. Understanding why something is the way it is provides answers allowing order that the body seeks. Then, there can be new deliberate perspectives, thoughts, and actions enabling individuals to change unwanted behaviors. Paying close attention to all of these different yet connected pieces is critical to brain health.

Keeping our brains healthy requires:

Physical Exercise

Food and Nutrition

Sleep and Relaxation

Social Interaction

Mental Strengthening

Medical Health

Cleveland Clinic states, "...practicing mindfulness for an average of 27 minutes per day increased gray matter density in the hippocampus after just eight weeks. The hippocampus — the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory — is an area of the brain that shrinks in Alzheimer’s disease."

That is amazing! Truly. The fact that we can slow down, be in the moment and clear our thoughts for as little as 27 minutes per day and reap benefits that strengthen our brain is so exciting. So, protect Your. One. Brain. Design a daily routine that promotes and protects the brain by adding whole foods, purposeful movement, mind-strengthening games and puzzles, social interactions and relaxation. Practicing these daily habits will not only support the brain, but it will also benefit your overall well being, too.

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