Wellness Coaching and Meal Planning

All In Wellness Package

If you are ready to make the changes necessary to find balance and improve your health, this is the package for you!


We will have a discovery session to collect health information, plan goals and generate strategies. 


This is a 3-month package. We will meet face to face, by phone or Skype every other week for 3 months and have email/text contact during the other weeks.


In the package, you'll delve deeper into understanding your roadblocks, negative mindset or other personal issues that create a barrier between your vision and the outcome. 


Using the Myers-Briggs Personality assessment, we can discover tendencies that may hinder success and use your natural inborn preferences to make changes for sustainable lifestyle modification. 


You will receive:

Goal Setting and Action Plan

Detox Beginnings

Myers Briggs Assessment and Comprehensive Results

A personalized 14-day meal plan 

Exercise Plan

Mindful Eating Exercise

Educational Materials


Vision Board Work



$200 per month





Follow Up/Check in with Lynn Package

Sometimes, you just need a reminder.

I'll help you refocus, remind you of your goals, interests, and motivators. There are a few surprises with this package so you can quickly return to healthy living and a positive mindset.

30 Minute Session



Refocus Tune Up Package

Do you feel off track and need to kick start a better routine?


Together, we will look at your goals and determine what is needed to help you get back on track. This is a one month package. We will have two face to face, phone or skype sessions and email/text between sessions. Four weeks of focused whole health education and coaching. 

You will receive:

Detox Beginnings

Goal Setting and Action Plan

Personalized 7-day meal plan

Mindful Eating Exercise

Educational Materials




Meal Planning

You 'll receive a meal plan designed just for you. Choose from the following list of grouped recipes and I'll create a meal plan with foods you enjoy! Also, let me know if your needs aren't listed below.



Low Glycemic

Whole Food Plant Based

Low Carb Paleo



Woman's Hormone Balancing

High Energy

Easy Slow Cooker

Leaky Gut

Immunity Booster

Anti Inflammatory

Anti Candida



$25 for 7-day meal plan