Employee Wellness Education

Implementing a Culture of Wellness
The Seventh Habit - Sharpen the Saw
Guiding Employees to Recognize the Importance of Self Care With Focus on the Body, Brain, Heart and Soul. 
  • Applying the concepts to life
  • Improving performance
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Making good habits stick
  • Feel better - Do More
Health Coaching Available
Healthy Employees/Healthy Company - It's a Win-Win!
Leader Care

Private, Personalized Wellness Coaching Packages Available for Administrators and Leaders of Organizations

Leader Care To:

  • Improve Concentration

  • Implement Strategies for Stress Management

  • Maintain Energy Throughout Day

  • Sleep Better

  • Prevent Disease

  • Feel Your To Best To Be Your Best in All Areas of Your Life

Team Encouragement
Prevention Presentations

Stress Management​

Lifestyle Medicine​

Longevity and Disease Prevention​




Meditation (and Why We Should)​

Natural Remedies with Herbs and Oils

Sacred Pauses​

Green Living

Moving More




Mindful Eating​

Vision/Action Board

Myers Briggs Personality Assessment




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Professional Employee Wellness Education Speaker