About LW Wellness

Specialties of LWWellness
*Corporate Wellness

*Provide Whole Person Care with Focus on the 5 Elements of Health 


*Demystify Health Information 


*Encourage Goal Setting 


*Provide Accountability  


*Explain Mindful Eating   


*Lead Vision-Action Board Contemplative Work 


*Offer Book Recommendations 


*Give Whole Person Wellness Assessments


*Offer Myers Briggs Personality Assessment and Comprehensive Results

Whole Health Education
Live healthy by staying active, eating mostly plants, finding purpose, managing stress and having a support system. These intentional methods can possibly prevent disease, promote wellness and add happy years to life. Lynn Ward Wellness strives to provide educational materials, activities, and awareness to improve health and reach ultra-health and happiness!
LW Wellness believes that when we feel well our body moves better, our brain thinks better and our heart is happier. Through whole health education and coaching, LW Wellness offers support to those seeking to improve health and find balance in life.
  • Bachelor of Science in Education 

  • Myers Briggs Personality Practitioner

  • Franklin Covey Facilitator

  • Credentialed Whole Health Educator and Patient Advocate with NPI (Insurance Number)

  • Certified Wellness Coach

  • A Matter of Balance Coach (Falls Prevention Course)

  • CDC's Diabetes Prevention Program Coach

  • CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Certified Aquatic Fitness Instructor



Delta State University, BS, Ed

National Institute of Whole Health, CPEA

Shopping Matters (Program for Underserved Communities)

Anti-Racism, Jackson, MS

Leaders Course, Dallas, TX

Myers-Briggs, Denver, CO


International Association for Worksite Health Promotions

United States Water Fitness Association

Collierville Chamber of Commerce

Memphis Herb Society

Collierville Rotary Club

Collierville Community Fund 




Hey Lynn, a quick note to say Thank You for all your encouragement the past month.  I feel so good about myself and the changes I've made! I feel in control for the first time in a long time.  I'm down almost 10 pounds and very happy about that. I have gained so much knowledge while on this program and feel confident I will continue to make better choices for my health.  The grands are arriving today and my fridge and pantry are brimming with healthy options.  I've saved all of your emails because they are full of healthy guidelines and suggestions.


"LWW gives me support; more thorough than I've ever experienced or expected.  The instructor is empathetic and caring and you know she feels a close understanding and connection with your wellness issues because she gives kind, caring, empathetic support. LWW gives not just one, but so many effective solutions.  The instructor educates you on all aspects of wellness and lets you know when there are wellness conferences so that you can go and learn even more aspects of  wellness, such as healing touch, eating healthy, weight loss, mindful eating, loving yourself, taking vitamins, meditating, creating a vision board, positive affirmations or quotes, eating vegan for a healthy heart, journaling and so much more. LWW also introduces you to other people who can help you achieve a can-do attitude. There is so much genuine, effective, care that you are exposed to. Lynn Ward Wellness taught me that I should start practicing self-love which will give me the desire to reach my goals."



"She is a phenomenal professional and inspiring person - trustworthy and goal-oriented! So proud of this lady!"


"Lynn is a great wellness coach. She listens carefully, and assists you in setting and working towards meeting your goals making sure you give thought to all aspects of wellness."


"Everyone should consider this as a wonderful way to get motivated to do better. Lynn has a real talent to make observations about where people's strengths lie and use those to help bring positive changes to their lives. She is equipped with a variety of ideas, tools, and activities that keep her coaching new and interesting. She is my hero."


"I am an older woman who recently had a health scare. There was major swelling which caused one leg to become much more enlarged than the other. After going through various medical exams, it was determined that weight control and stress management was the answer.

Lynn's guidance on better food choices, which maintain energy and a sense of well being, have been instrumental. Thus far, the swelling has gone away and weight is down by 28 lbs! Also, we have added a few well-selected essential oils, which I absolutely love using! I'm feeling great but am still in her program to make certain to reach my goals.

Lynn's professionalism and non-judgmental style allows her to guide someone to make a complete and successful lifestyle change.

Would I recommend her as your Whole Health Educator?.....Yes indeed, absolutely! Often all we need is a little knowledge and guidance along the way to better health.

My Medical Doctor is ever so pleased!"



I am challenged by Lynn to be my best self, and with great understanding and encouragement, she moves me forward. She's a fount of information, not too much or too little, and meets me with pertinent advice and resources at every turn. Lynn is approachable and committed to helping me to live my best life. She just really gets it! Connecting to people is her strong suit, and I have learned and grown during my tenure with Lynn as my wellness coach. Perhaps I knew some of the information, as through the years I've researched and accumulated ideas, but Lynn has been able to consolidate my efforts and thrust the information into action! Weekly additions for consideration have given me just enough to 'chew' on (pun intended). She practices what she preaches and is quick to respond in crisis or confusion. I have a friend for life and a coach who understands and encourages wellness and lifestyle improvement, and at my age, that was just exactly what I needed: a knowledgeable Someone to correct my path and refine my ways. So appreciative! So grateful! So enthused about better health and life choices! Thank you, Lynn!


I'm grateful for all the information you share with us while on this program. I'm learning so much about myself and how to take care of this body of mine."


I wanted to give you an idea of how my experience has been while under Lynn's Wellness program. 

First of all, I have been participating in a 4-week pilot program focusing on eating whole or real food (not packaged and processed) and becoming a happier more fulfilled person from the inside out.

 We have been given weekly instructions and challenges, lots of information on overall health and maintaining a better lifestyl. She has been in touch through email, text messages,  webinars, and personal contact one on one....yet is not an "in your face" instructor,   but is available for encouragement or accountability if needed. 

We are encouraged to eat lots of fruits and vegetables,  add a protein drink, get daily exercise, drink lots of water, read food nutrition labels, write down the reason or what has compelled us to become healthy, journal and meditate, pay attention to what, why, when, and where we eat. 

Personally, my journey to better health began about 6 months ago. I participated in the recent pilot program just for discipline purposes and it has been great! Since beginning with Lynn Ward Wellness, I have lost lots of weight, gone down more than a few dress sizes, my feet and legs no longer swell, in a nutshell...I feel 100 % better.

Would I recommend Lynn's guidance toward better health and lifestyle? Yes indeed! The results speak for themselves!

 I will continue her program until I reach the goal I set 6 months ago and then for the rest of my life. It's a better way to live and eat!