Lynn Ward Wellness, LLC

Whole Health Lifestyle: Learn It. Live It. Love It.

Whole Health Lifestyle delivers evidence-based educational information through public speaking, workshops, consultation, and wellness coaching. We bridge the gap between the current health care system and prevention methods that support gut-brain health, stress management and overall well-being for corporate, community, family, and individual needs.

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Lynn is a Whole Health Educator™ and the 5 Aspects of Whole Health are trademarks of the National Institute of Whole Health. For many years, Lynn has been running wellness initiatives and prevention programs. Through research, training, and experience, she has created signature classes, unique programs, and retreat materials to help people feel better and improve their health. Lynn truly believes that there are better ways than taking another prescription to fix one issue that leads to another potential problem. While she is thankful that we have access to helpful medications, she offers a challenging thought to consider: "Could we pursue lifestyle medicine before having to take too many pharmaceutical products? There are better ways!" Lynn Ward Wellness focuses on the 5 aspects of health. Nutritional, Physical, Emotional, Environmental, and Spiritual. Join Lynn today to begin your whole health journey!